Monday, April 13, 2015

Farewell Gift // Customized Charm Bracelet: Heike

Farewell gifts colleagues
 Custom made- Heike's farewell gifts to her colleagues,
Theme of radiant reds with a 喜(happiness) word in chinese character to wish them all well :)

4 charm selections
Charm selections that Heike left to me to decide- 4 per bracelet.

surprise gifts bracelets
We chose to use lobster clasps since she couldn't make sure the wrist measurements provided were accurate,
these are surprise gifts after all!

chinese crystal beads
Beads are chinese crystals, other than the 2 near the middle
(Cherry blossom ceramic bead + Swarovski heart)

Thank you Heike for entrusting me with this job, I hope all the ladies like it :)