Friday, September 27, 2013

Romancing Paris // Customization

Gathering together Romancing Paris customizations in one blog post :)

Bracelet was made by Syafinaz,
while necklace was for Stephanie.
Put these 2 together & they make a perfect set ;)

Bracelet by Syafinaz as well (she ordered both red & white for her 2 sisters).
Coincidentally, Ilnov requested a white version of the necklace for her friend.

Alisa's almond coloured necklace, no matching bracelet has been made though,
one day maybe? ;)

For Kate's friend:
Colours as per original, with more charms & alphabets added in.
+ a fuchsia Swarovski butterfly next to the flower.

Making different colour variations of my designs in one of my favourite things to do, feel free to send in a request & let's see how your colours changes the mood of the original piece :)

Red ignites passion, white means purity, almond brings out a subtle warmth....
what's next? you call the shots!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


white grey crystal bracelet

white grey crystal bracelet

white grey crystal bracelet

Chalk white meets grey crystal.
while flower cabochon is a reflection of the properties of these 2 types of beads:
opaqueness of the white + colour of the grey crystals ;)
and somehow, somewhere along the way, a butterfly snuggles her way in ;)

Flower Cabochon
Grey Chinese Crystal Helix
Chalk White Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Small Thin Butterfly Cut-Out Link

Ready stock sold out, enquire for remakes

RM 30.00

Email me at !

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mintlove in Purple

I had this Mintlove piece made in November last year, as you can guess from its name- colour's in mint :P
This customization is by Amirah, who requested for the greens to be switched to purple,
with an extra dollop of charms added in :)

Flower Cabochon
Midnight Blue Faceted Chinese Crystals
Light Lavender Milky Stone Bead
Matte Purple Acrylic Bead
Mini Heart Link
Heart Arrow
Alphabet Charm
Ballerina Flats Charm
Made With Love Charm
Round Handbag Charm
Halter Neck Gown Charm
Money Bag Charm

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Customization with Indicolite Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals- a must have for many :)
Famous for its wide array of colour selections, one of my favourites is this dark blue-turquoise mix called Indicolite.

Let's have a look at 3 customizations using these crystals: 

Bracelet by Izwah, design based on Lemon & Lime.
along with a Bermuda Blue Swarovski Heart added to the center. 

Flower Cabochon
Bermuda Blue Swarovski Heart
Indicolite Swarovski Bicone
Matte Blue Acrylic Bead
Dove Charm
Eiffel Charm
Airplane Charm
Ornate Leaf Charm
Alphabet Charm

Snowflake anklet for Vy Lynn-
surrounded by Light Azure & Indicolite crystals, 
simple, magical ;)

Indicolite Swarovski Bicone
Light Azure Swarovski Bicone
Snowflake Charm

Shamala's SMILE anklet!
Alphabet beads in the center, sides lined by alternating indicolite & dark sapphire.
Stencil butterfly charm at the end.

Indicolite Swarovski Bicone
Dark Sapphire Swarovski Bicone
Acrylic Alphabet Bead
Butterfly Stencil Charm

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


After seeing one too many of lavender field photos on pinterest, here's my version of bracelet & necklace!

Various beads clustering together, especially cute are the little matte flowers peeking out.
Also included are the magical colour changing crystals ;)

For necklace, I chose a relatively simple design to match the bead heavy bracelet, i like contrasting effects.
Floral pendant backing made up of circles giving this a very light-weight, relax feel :)

Flower Cabochon*
Light Violet Swarovski Bicone*
Metallic Mauve Acrylic Flower Bead*
Frosted White Flat Chinese Crystal*
Purple/Blue Chinese Crystal Helix
Mauve AB Chinese Crystal Cube
Bright Purple Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Light Cream Grey Faux Pearl Bead
Matte Purple Teardrop Glass Pearl
Floral Link Cut-Out*
Circles Flower Pendant Charm*
* denotes used in necklace 

Necklace Measurement
Chain: approx. 50.0 cm excluding 4.8 cm extender chain
Drop: 3.6 cm

Ready stock sold out, enquire for remakes

Bracelet: RM 39.00
Necklace: RM 24.00

Email me at !

Friday, September 6, 2013

Gala // Customization

Crown charms have been quite popular, especially the crown ring from Gala.
Here are 2 Gala-inspired bracelet, in different colours :)

Girly Sweet pink for Mira.

Flower Cabochon
Light Rose Pink Swarovski Butterfly
Rose Pink Swarovski Bicone
Frosted White Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Rose Pink Textured Pearl Bead
Pink Dyed Jade Stone Bead
Salmon Pink Round Acrylic Bead
Faint Purple Round Acrylic Bead
White Teardrop Pearl Bead
Matte Lavender Pink Faceted Acrylic Bead
Crown Ring

Shades of blue for Tunisha, whose colour inspiration came from this Whale piece.

Flower Cabochon
Aquamarine Swarovski Bicone
Dark Blue Faux Pearl Bead
Light Sea Blue Faux Pearl Bead
Turquoise AB Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Sapphire Blue Textured Pearl Bead
Friends Charm
Snowflake Charm
Mask Charm
Alphabet Charm
Crown Ring