Friday, September 27, 2013

Romancing Paris // Customization

Gathering together Romancing Paris customizations in one blog post :)

Bracelet was made by Syafinaz,
while necklace was for Stephanie.
Put these 2 together & they make a perfect set ;)

Bracelet by Syafinaz as well (she ordered both red & white for her 2 sisters).
Coincidentally, Ilnov requested a white version of the necklace for her friend.

Alisa's almond coloured necklace, no matching bracelet has been made though,
one day maybe? ;)

For Kate's friend:
Colours as per original, with more charms & alphabets added in.
+ a fuchsia Swarovski butterfly next to the flower.

Making different colour variations of my designs in one of my favourite things to do, feel free to send in a request & let's see how your colours changes the mood of the original piece :)

Red ignites passion, white means purity, almond brings out a subtle warmth....
what's next? you call the shots!