Monday, April 4, 2016


Ribbon embossed on the flower cabochon backing,
in other words, you have the pink-green rose at the front, bow ribbon at the back :)

Springfest Rose Bracelet

One look at the rose cabochon and you would likely guess how the colour scheme for this piece was chosen ;)
Staying in tune with its flowery center, the bracelet is loaded with a happy mix of springtime garden colours.
Toss in some dark violet rhinestones & matte gold acrylics, the result is a glorious bloom that symbolically represents the season of hope & renewal.

Flower Cabochon
10mm Dark Violet Rhinestone Bead
Salmon Pink Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Amethyst Swarovski Bicone
Light Melon Green Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Chartreuse Green Chinese Crystal Helix
Pale Pink Glass Bead with AB Band
Matte Gold Acrylic Bead
Peach Round Glass Bead

Ready stock sold out, enquire for remakes

RM 44.00

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