Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heartfelt Memories

Love love love the colour!
If you look closely, the toggle has hearts on it as well, a truly hearty piece!


Blue Striped Acrylic Bead
Light Blue Heart Glass Bead (Imported)
White Diamond Shape Czech Glass (Imported)
Light Blue Glass Nugget
Light Blue Barrel Lucite Bead with Pattern (Imported)
Powder Blue Small Czech Glass Nugget (Imported)
Heart Czech Glass (various shades of blue & size)
'Made With Love' Charm


RM 26.00

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An undeniably girly girl piece!
For this bracelet, I mix pink & purple beads with butterflies and stars among them.
The stars & butterflies are of matte, frosted surface, totally opposite from the sugary textured purple beads :)

Pink Faux Pearl Bead
Fushia Small Faux Pearl Bead
Purple Textured Pearl Bead
Hot Pink Faceted Round Bead
Light Pink Small Cube Glass Bead
Matte Pink Butterfly Czech Glass (Imported)
Matte Pink Star Czech Glass (Imported)


RM 28.00

Monday, July 27, 2009

Customization: JW

JW really likes chunky, thick, bold kind of accessories. She was really helpful as she sent me pictures of bracelets she likes and from there, at least I got an inkling of what is she into.

(the picture quality isn't what I would have liked, as they were meant only for her to check the completed pieces and see if any changes were to be made prior to sending. I guess I got too excited for her to receive asap that I forgot to take proper pics of them!)

Here are some of the ones i've made for her:

The citrus lampwork bracelet is really funky, bright coloured beads on double stranded chain. These lampwork beads have little protruding bumps on them too!
(It was wayy too chunky to be laid flat so I had wear it for her to see the completed piece)

The 2nd piece focuces mainly on the chain, a self-weaved one to make it thick. I chose the cute red glass birdhouse to balance out the whole 'fierceness' factor.

JW also asked for a charm bracelet with 12 charms, I proposed the idea of hearts mix with flowers & butterflies (my fav stuff!) and to my delight she said yes immediately!

Here's something simple & sweet on double-stranded chain. All made using cat's eye bead, I like how there's different hues on 1 bead (it's lighter in the center)

*More will be posted up as soon as I can find time to write the post and arrange the pics :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009



I'm really sorry for the lack of updates this month. As stated in my last post, I was trying out a whole new layout for Crafted By Mei. and finallllyyy, its up! YAY!

Haha... I know its something really simple, couldn't have taken me that long right? Basically it's just getting the template and adding my widgets plus some editing, so you may be wondering what took me so long? Well, it's because this blog owner is so fickle minded! =P This template isn't my first choice actually, just when I was finalising everything on the original layout, I realised it was too complicated and messy. Not the feel I want to achieve for Crafted By Mei. Hence this template instead, keeping things sweet and simple!

As promised, I've also posted 3 new necklaces up here for sale! (finally something comes up when you click the label 'NECKLACES'). The focal piece for this batch will be the pendants made of wood in various designs & colours. I hope you like these as much as I enjoyed making them!

So if anything catches your eye, you can always drop me a mail at !

Thank you for dropping by and I truly hope you enjoy your time browsing through the products.

Thanks! =)

Simply Charming: In Dark Blue

Here are the first batch of necklaces I'm putting up for sale!
Simplicity is the key here, allowing the intricately designed wood pendants to shine! These pendants have the rugged unpolished look, providing a relax sorta feel but nevertheless chic! I have only made 3 of these designs though, scroll down to see them~

*silver chain


Dark Blue Rose Wood Filigree (Imported)
Capri Blue Swarovski Bicone
Light Blue Hexagonal Czech Glass (Imported)
Sapphire Czech Glass Nugget (Imported)
Royal Blue Czech Glass Leaf (Imported)
Light Blue Czech Glass Leaf (Imported)
'Made With Love' Charm

41.0 cm excluding 4.5 cm extender chain
Pendant: 4.8 cm in diameter


RM 25.00

Simply Charming: In Purple

*brass chain

Swirly design in deep purple, best worn against fair skin or light coloured top.
oh, notice the bow shaped connectors just on top of the Swarovski bicone? ;)

Dark Purple Swirly Design Wood Filigree (Imported)
Sapphire Blue Swarovski Bicone
Purple Crackled Glass Bead

40.6 cm excluding 4.7 cm extender chain
Pendant: 5.0 cm in diameter


RM 24.00

Simply Charming: In Pink

*brass chain

I have to admit that this maroon-pink heart pendant is my favourite of the lot!
And I like how fat the rose pink teardrop Czech glass is, adorable isn't it?

Maroon-Pink Hearts Wood Filigree (Imported)
Rose Pink Swarovski Bicone
Pink Cat's Eye Glass Bead
Rose Pink Swarovski Pearl
Rose Pink Czech Glass Teardrop (Imported)
Pink Heart Lucite Bead (Imported)

40.0 cm excluding 4.5 cm extender chain
Pendant: 4.9 cm in diameter


RM 25.00

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's coming up....

Hey all, updates are a tad slow this week and maybe the next as well, as I'm currently occupied with a whole new layout for Crafted By Mei.

Have been working on it for 2 weeks now, but with my limited knowledge of HTML, lotsa trial and error are involved just to get the right look ;)

So, in the mean time, do bear with me and fret not, a fresh new look means fresh new products! I'll be posting up some necklaces (finally!) when I'm done with figuring out the codes and make it compatible with this site.

I'll still check my mail so if there's anything, you can always reach me here:

Thank you & have a nice day!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Juicy Lemon

Spruce things up with this piece!
The colour combination is so bright & lively, a change to my usual pink/blue stuff.
These dangling leaves in 3 shades are so adorable right? ;)

Yellow Round Czech Glass (Imported)
Green Round Czech Glass (Imported)
Yellow Oval Czech Glass (Imported)
Clear Acrylic Flower Bead
Apple Green Cat's Eye Bead
Apple Green Cube Czech Glass (Imported)
Various Green Czech Glass Leaf (Imported)


RM 24.00

Friday, July 3, 2009

Gentle Love

Another heart-inspired piece!
The sweet light pink heart bead is shiny on one side and made of my favourite matte frosted texture, yay!
Btw, if you notice, only the fuchsia bead and toggle are not in the shape of a heart ;)

Matte Light Pink Heart Czech Glass (Imported)
Fuchsia Round Glass Bead
Pink Heart Enameled Charm with Rhinestones
'Made With Love' Pewter Charm


RM 23.00

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