Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sin Chew [28th April 2014]

Crafted By Mei featured in Sin Chew papers! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cherry Blossom Beads // Customization

Hi guys! Here are 2 customizations using the cherry blossom bead, in small & big size.

Small version of cherry blossom bead is used here, accompanied by faux pearls, all uniform in size.
A stripped down version of Spring Festival, made for Siew Yee.

Flower Cabochon
Small Red Cherry Blossom Ceramic Bead
Dark Red Faux Pearl
Light Cream Faux Pearl
Red Faux Pearl
Mini Brass Bow Link

Originally Circus, Yu Lin spiced things up by having a red-orange blast here, colours that are totally opposite of subtle ;)
Photo charm from the Enchanted series

Flower Cabochon
Siam Red AB Swarovski Heart
Small Red Cherry Blossom Ceramic Bead
Smoky Orange Red Gemstone Doughnut Chinese Crystal
Dark Red Faux Pearl
Light Cream Faux Pearl
Tangerine Orange Faux Pearl Bead
Frosted Orange Flat Chinese Crystal
Light Peach Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Siam Red AB Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Peach Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Garnet Red Chinese Crystal Long Bicone
Ribbon Link Charm

// Cherry Blossom bead is available in purple too, see here!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Love Strands // Purple, Jade & Blue

added on 31st July: the Blue version!
Made for Pravin.

Love Strands in purple, requested by Atina.

Light Lavender Milky Stone Bead
Bright Purple Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Dyed Purple Jade Stone
Love Link
Alphabet Charm

in classic Jade.

Flower Cabochon
Jade Green Round Glass Bead
Jade Green Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Malachite Round Stone Bead
Love Link

the original Love Strands can be seen here: Click!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Fig Tree

A tree charm! How adorable is that?
Fresh lively bright lime greens are used here, 
painting a picture of growth & fruitfulness... of life & having it the more abundantly.

Flower Cabochon
Fern Green Swarovski Bicone
Light Yellow Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Matte Lime Green Acrylic Bead
Apple Green Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Tree Charm
Daisy Flower Brass Bead


RM 27.00

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