Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spring Festival

I don't do festive seasons jewellery very often, but couldn't resist it this time with the mini size cherry blossom bead. Too cute :)
(The bigger one can be seen here)
Classic red with touches of peach, 2 ribbon bows used as links at both sides.
For charms, the obligatory money bag comes along, plus a treasure chest wishing you a treasure load of goodness this year!

Flower Cabochon
Small Red Cherry Blossom Ceramic Bead
Dark Red Faux Pearl
Light Cream Faux Pearl
Red Faux Pearl
Siam Red AB Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Light Peach Chinese Crystal Teardrop
Mini Brass Bow Link
Money Bag Charm
Treasure Chest Charm


RM 31.00

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