Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Customization: Cynthia

For Cynthia & friend.
Let's look at Cynthia's piece first :)

Both Cynthia and I love purple for its elegance & class, for this we decorated it with various types of whites- 
crystal, opal, opaque & textured.
Topped with a Golden Shadow Swarovski flower next to the purple rose, just like Fiza's!
As for the charms choices- magical themed ;)

Flower Cabochon
Golden Shadow Swarovski Flower Pendant
Opal Pink Swarovski Bicone
White Textured Pearl Bead
Opal White Round Glass Bead
Glossy White Faceted Oval Glass Bead
Amethyst Purple AB Chinese Crystal Teardrop
Dark Purple AB Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Light Pink Chinese Crystal Helix
Rocking Horse Charm
Fairy Charm
Metal Bow Charm
Rose Key Charm
Angel Wing Cut-Out Charm
Carousel Charm
Ribbon Charm
Treasure Chest Charm

In purple & white too, an easier to be done piece based on Columbary

Flower Cabochon
Dark Purple Swarovski Bicone
White Teardrop Glass Pearl
Dark Violet Purple Faux Pearl Bead
Silver Grey Faux Pearl Bead
Brass Bird Bead
Mini Butterfly Charm
Ornate Leaf Charm
3D Birdcage Charm