Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Big Key Necklace

Big Key Necklace :)
Originally made for Huda, sharing it here as well since this is fun to wear!
Featuring a 8cm long key with heart shaped key bow.

Big Key Pendant

Necklace Measurement
Chain Length: approx. 75.0 cm
Drop: 8.0 cm

Available for remakes

RM 16.00

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Customization: Jocelyn

This week let's have a look at Jocelyn's customizations,
made for her 3 friends and & 2 daughters.

For Phyllis,
a purple version of Joan's!

Flower Cabochon
Tanzanite AB Swarovski Heart
Matte Purple Teardrop Glass Pearl
Opal White AB Chinese Crystal Cube
Opal White Faceted Chinese Crystal Bead
Dark Purple Faceted Chinese Crystal Bead
Dark Purple Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Small Clover Charm
Live Laugh Love Charm
Flat Camera Charm
Alphabet Charm
Sparrow Link

Locket necklaces for overseas friends- Caroline & Amy,
based on Ilyani's.

Clear AB Swarovski Heart
Black Diamond Swarovski Bicone
Daisy Links
Daisy Heart Locket
Alphabet Charm
Live Laugh Love Charm
Flat Camera Charm

Last but not least, identical charm bracelets for her darlings- Kelly & Shelly ;)
Referenced from Woan Yng's piece.

Flower Cabochon
Aqua Blue Faux Pearl Bead
Light Blue Round Acrylic Bead
Opal White Round Acrylic Bead
Blue Crackled Oval Glass Bead
Baby Blue Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Matte Blue Faceted Acrylic Bead
Small Star Charm
Bear with Flowers Charm
Radley Dog Charm
Alphabet Charm
Solid Heart Charm

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Love Strands

Love boldly spelled out in cursive font, connected to cool teals and cyan blue beads on both sides, with a heart shaped backed little sunflower, details charming enough to craft out a bracelet.
Yet, as captivating as the colours & love word are, what I'm drawn to is the fine heart shaped chains that make up the length of the bracelet, double strands tied together for a curly, ruffled look ;)

Flower Cabochon
Sea Green Round Glass Bead
Teal Green AB Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Cyan Textured Pearl Bead
Love Link

Ready stock sold, enquire for remakes

RM 28.00

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Made this over the weekend, having fun with the wine colours!
Photo charm image is from the Snowflake series I never got to do, see the intertwined hearts at the corners and the formation of a flower in the center :)
Plus, 2 flower cabochons sit in the midst of this sparkly-crystal-rich bracelet.

Flower Cabochon
Plum AB Chinese Crystal Cube
Dark Purple Chinese Crystal Oval Bead
Dark Purple Chinese Crystal Helix
Light Peach AB Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Maroon Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Metallic Dark Pink Acrylic Flower Bead
Lantern Brass Bead

Remakes possible with the 2 flower cabochons switched to this type of flower.

RM 44.00

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pearl Bracelets Customization

Here are 2 custom made pearl bracelets, 
in smoky grey and tangy orange.
Coincidentally, both do not incorporate charms, they chose to go with Swarovski accents instead :)

For Li-Li who wants to wear this to work, she prefers subtler colours & something more conservative.
I looked to Reflections for inspiration, switching the grey crystals there to opal white ones to brighten this up.
Silver Shade Swarovski flower is gleaned from the matching necklace to Reflections :)

Opal White Faceted Chinese Crystal
Ash Grey Faux Pearl Bead
Bluish Grey Faux Pearl Bead
Silver Shade Swarovski Flower

 For Mira's mum, changing the entire Alpine bracelet to an orange, cream & gold theme.
She likes pearl coating so all beads here are pearls, topped with a dazzly clear Swarovski heart.

Flower Cabochon
Clear AB Swarovski Heart
Light Cream Faux Pearl Bead
Matte Orange Glass Pearl Bead
Matte Gold Glass Pearl Bead
Matte Bronze Gold Round Acrylic Bead
Cream Teardrop Glass Pearl

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eiffel Dream // matching bracelet

Made to match Eiffel Dream necklace, though at last I couldn't resist adding 2 mini heart links to 'highlight' the center details.
And since I was at it, for more fun, in came 2 passionate, vivid orangy-red little crystals, just like fireballs ;)
Rolo chain to complete the rest.

Flower Cabochon
Orange Red Faceted Chinese Crystal
Dream Tag Charm
Long Eiffel Tower Charm
Mini Heart Link

Ready stock sold out, enquire for remakes

RM 24.00

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Eiffel Dream

One of the most requested charms of all time is the Eiffel tower, so if you are a fan out of it, here's the large version worn as a long necklace!
Accompanying it is a dream tag charm while the dark pink rose adds a pop of colour..
Besides, pink's the colour of love too, what more in romantic dark pink! ;)

Flower Cabochon
Dream Tag Charm
Eiffel Tower Pendant

Necklace Measurement
Chain: approx. 75.0 cm
Drop: 7.3 cm

Sold out, no remakes available

RM 24.00

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Floss // Purple

I reckon the pink flower ceramic bead is a core ingredient in Floss, so production of Floss had to stop when they ran out, boo!
So anyway, I decided to try out a different colour version, using purple cherry blossom bead.
All other pink materials have been switched to purplish shades as well, hope you like this just as much ;)
(because I do!)

Flower Cabochon
Purple Cherry Blossom Ceramic Bead
Bright Purple Round Glass Bead
Lilac Dyed Jade Stone Heart Bead
Faint Pink AB Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Mauve AB Chinese Crystal Cube
Clear AB Multi Faceted Chinese Crystal
Mini Pointed Heart Charm

enquire for remakes

RM 30.00

Email me at !

/////// updated //////

Made a green version as well for Chee Yin's friend.

Remakes available :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Customization: Kelly

 This is made for Kelly, who runs the awesome Fabric Fanatics ;)
Soft pastel colours with some dark silver grey thrown in the cluster.
Bracelet design is based on Circus.

Flower Cabochon
Clear AB Swarovski Heart
Dark Silver Grey Faux Pearl Bead
Lilac Pink Faux Pearl Bead
 White Textured Pearl Bead
Beige Dyed Jade Stone Bead
Faint Pink Chinese Crystal Long Bicone
Ribbon Link Charm