Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Made this over the weekend, having fun with the wine colours!
Photo charm image is from the Snowflake series I never got to do, see the intertwined hearts at the corners and the formation of a flower in the center :)
Plus, 2 flower cabochons sit in the midst of this sparkly-crystal-rich bracelet.

Flower Cabochon
Plum AB Chinese Crystal Cube
Dark Purple Chinese Crystal Oval Bead
Dark Purple Chinese Crystal Helix
Light Peach AB Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Maroon Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Metallic Dark Pink Acrylic Flower Bead
Lantern Brass Bead

Remakes possible with the 2 flower cabochons switched to this type of flower.

RM 44.00

Email me at craftedbymei@gmail.com !