Sunday, January 29, 2012


Soft shades of pink form the backbone of this sugary bracelet, made doubly sweet with the ceramic flower bead in the center ;)
Little beads of opal, frosted white & peach dangle harmoniously with yummylicious charms.
May you be filled with a treasure load of love and all things sugary sweet & nice!

Ceramic Flower Bead
Light Pink Textured Pearl Bead
Light Pink Faux Pearl Bead
Light Peach Swarovski Bicone
Frosted White Lucite Bellflower
Opal White Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Peach Coral Stone Bead
Cookies Bag Charm
Heart Charm
Treasure Chest Charm
Lollipop Charm
RM 42.00

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Friday, January 27, 2012


I store my stash of beads according to type so these 2 textured ones are placed side by side. 
While tidying up my workplace, noticed this fruity green & turquoise blue combo that would make a nice meadowland piece ;) immediately left off the pile of mess and worked on it!
Sugary pearls are connected with daisy links, with matte acrylic heart, mint-turquoise rose & a crystal gather at the toggle.

Flower Cabochon
Fruity Green Textured Pearl Bead
Cyan Textured Pearl Bead
Blue Zircon Swarovski Bicone
Matte Light Green Acrylic Heart
Daisy Links

RM 28.00

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heart Locket Necklace // Customization

2 designs of heart locket necklaces as customized by Narresh & Alice.


 Having purchased quite a few ready made pieces previously for his girlfriend, this time round Narresh decided to customize a locket necklace for her birthday.
She likes red, and chose the flower from Innocence.
Chain is made interesting with a swallow linked by double textured pearls at each end.

Flower Cabochon
Rose Pink Swarovski Bicone
Red Faux Pearl Bead
Light Pink Textured Pearl Bead
Red Textured Pearl Bead
Sparrow Link


Alice likes minimalism, with pink as her favourite colour.
She mentioned she 'likes little keys, heart shape, stars, moon, butterflies and flowers.'
Other than moon, we incorporated all in this necklace ;)
Asymmetrical chain as well, am loving this style lately!

Flower Cabochon
Light Rose Swarovski Butterfly
Red Faux Pearl Bead
Red Textured Pearl Bead
Heart Key Charm

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Painting a picture of a starry, magical dark night, instead of conventional blue, this time round will be experimenting with purple!
Main strand of matte blackcurrant pearls & dazzly purples, with little chinese crystals dangling all across.
Fairy charm accompanying flower, adding a touch of whimsy to this mystical piece!
Flower Cabochon
Matte Blackcurrant Pearl Bead
Purple AB Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Midnight Blue Chinese Crystal Teardrop
Violet Chinese Crystal Bicone
Star Charm
Fairy Charm
RM 32.00

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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Reckon this is a wee bit too late for CNY, but the money bag is too cute to keep to myself so here you go!

In auspicious pinks & reds, cluster of pearls next to a blossoming flower, linked to a ribbon.
$ charm dangles around, be ye prosper!

Flower Cabochon
Light Pink Textured Pearl Bead
Ribbon Link
Money Bag Charm
No further remakes available,
do see here & here
RM 22.00

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Customization: Alyaa

Rather similar to the last blog post!
Both Alyaa & Elisya submitted their orders at about the same time, coincidentally both like the idea of weaved charm bracelet :) 

Here is Alyaa's custom made bracelet, a tougher-looking piece ;)

Instead of a dangling one, Alyaa wanted the red flower to be part of the chain, just like Dainty.
She chose beads to be dark red, which Dark Red Coral Swarovski crystals & blood red agate stones are used, made more grungy looking with the 2 brass beads ;)

Flower Cabochon
Dark Red Coral Swarovski Bicone
Blood Red Faceted Gemstone
Acrylic Brass Bead
Little Heart on Envelope Charm
Gunmetal Snowflake Charm
Eiffel Tower Charm
Airplane Charm
Made With Love Charm
Clover Charm

Monday, January 16, 2012

Customization: Elisya

Simple blue charm bracelet with weaved chain, as requested by Elisya :)
Among the charms chosen are a cat & gold peace charm.
Beads used with reference to Regency, along with a sapphire Swarovski crystal in the center.

Flower Cabochon
Sapphire Swarovski Bicone
Metallic Turquoise Glass Pearl Bead
Sapphire Blue Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Baby Blue Glass Doughnut Bead
 Dove Charm
Cat Charm
Gold Peace Charm
Rose Key Charm
Bird Charm

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dream Fair

Whimsically decorated with the sweetest stuff- first up are sugary sweet pinks that line the bracelet.
Then we have the special edition white-lilac flower, absolutely dreamy!
Placed next to a carousal, perfect match for reminiscing happy childhood trips to the funfair ;)
Last but not least, lovely heart charm & Swarovski butterfly making this even more charming :)

Flower Cabochon
Rose Pink Textured Pearl Bead
Pink Dyed Jade Stone Bead
Light Rose Swarovski Butterfly
Carousal Charm
Round Frame Heart Charm

RM 29.00

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Customization: Syakira

 For Syakira who wanted a heavily loaded chunky happy, fun, cheerful piece.
These colours clicked immediately the moment she mentioned 'fruity sorbet' ;)
Center details following the style of The Lock, with various key charms spread across the bracelet.

Flower Cabochon 
Matte Hot Pink Acrylic Heart
Matte Hot Pink Acrylic Teardrop
Pink Textured Pearl Bead
Fruity Green Textured Pearl Bead
Orange Faceted Acrylic Bead
Pink Faux Pearl Bead
Yellow Faux Pearl Bead
  Padlock Charm
Angel Wing Charm
Heart Key Charm
Rose Key Charm
LOVE Key Charm

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Around the world in 80 days?

Here's one for the globetrotters, featuring charms that pretty much speak for itself ;)
* The globe is rotatable, just like a real one!
A sky blue flower matched with denim Swarovski butterfly (one of the latest releases in the ever expanding Swarovski color family), coupled with pearls & a crystal.

Flower Cabochon
Dark Indigo Swarovski Bicone
Denim Blue Swarovski Butterfly
Sapphire Textured Pearl Bead
Metallic Sapphire Glass Pearl Bead
DSLR Camera Lens Cut-Out Charm
Globe Charm
Airplane Charm
RM 30.00

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Valentine Ring

Continuing on with the Valentine theme are these rings ;)
Bold red heart against a white background, definitely something that make heads turn!

Ring bases are available in classic black & white colours.

Valentine cabochon measures approx 2.9cm x 2.1cm.

Psst... this ring doubles as a good luck charm for those who enjoy card sessions this coming CNY ;)

RM 19.00

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Valentine Bracelets

Heart themed valentine bracelets, 2 designs made :)
Tantalizing red rose featured in the center, surrounded by red, white pearls & love charms.
More or less details, pick your heart's desire!


*flower in this modeled photo is a shade lighter


Flower Cabochon
Matte Red Acrylic Heart
White Fat Teardrop Pearl Bead
White Textured Pearl Bead
Red Faux Pearl Bead
Floral Heart Charm
Love Link Charm
Red Faux Pearl Oval Bead*
Heart Key Charm*
LOVE Charm*
Padlock Heart Charm*
* denotes used in II piece only

I- RM 27.00
II- RM 36.00

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Customization: Rosalind

 originally posted this afternoon, not sure what went wrong & this blog post disappeared :(
anyway here it is again:

A hybrid of Sprite & Blitz ;)
Made for Rosalind, in her words  "To add a dash of colours to the plain beige dress I'm going to wear :D "

Lime Green Dyed Jade Stone
Mint Dyed Jade Stone
Jade Faceted Glass Doughnut
Dark Green Faux Pearl Oval Bead
Camera Charm

Monday, January 2, 2012


Various bird charms flock together in this bracelet, made to match Swans ;)
I chose to place the beads loosely apart- Purple Swarovski crystals, glassy white beads & metallic silver bicones to keep it light & fun, topped with a chrysanthemum cabochon!

Flower Cabochon
Tanzanite Swarovski Bicone
Metallic Silver Glass Bicone
Glacier White Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Brass Bird Bead
Sparrow Charm
Dove Charm
Little Bird Charm
Birdhouse Charm
RM 31.00

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