Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Customization: Jesse

 Two bracelets with pink tones, both custom made for Jesse.
Engraved alphabet coins from here, added 2 pale mauve crystal cubes to emphasize the name.
Gathered at the end are a star and princess, simple additions that give this piece a girly touch :)

Alphabet Coin
Mauve AB Chinese Crystal Cube
Star Frame Charm
Princess Crown Charm

This is based on Zubaida's, a very customizable bracelet base for anyone :)
Charms choices can be selected from here, while colour choices are up to you to name and i'll pick the beads, 
down to the specific shade!
Endless possibilities ;)

Milky Light Pink Chinese Crystal Helix
Fuchsia Pink Candy Glass Bead
Salmon Pink Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Star Frame Charm
Cat With Ball Charm
Ribbon Stencil Charm
Ballerina Flats Charm
Made With Love Charm
Sun Cloud Charm