Monday, July 9, 2012

Customization: Joan

A bracelet for Joan's daily work wear, since her wardrobe consists mainly of white beige shades, we settled on this palette with a creamy peach flower in the center :)
Bracelet concept gleaned from Velvet, with travel themed charms added.
A sparrow in the midst of the beads, signifying a breaking free from the difficult times she had in 2011. 
(note: this bracelet was made in Feb this year)

Flower Cabochon
Clear AB Swarovski Heart
White Teardrop Glass Pearl
White Textured Pearl Bead
Milky White Glass Doughnut
Cream Faux Pearl Bead
Opal White Glass Doughnut
Live Laugh Love Charm
Camera Charm
Airplane Charm
Sparrow Link

Next up is this pretty cool concept Joan had, here's what she said
" i'm thinking of something like this: treasure huntunsolved mysteries & bygone era ...  
Which also makes me think of Sherlock Holmes Agatha Christie :) "

Olden day symbols like the carriage, oil lamp & scroll breathe an air of antiquity to this piece,
with dark purple & maroon beads giving it a sense of mystery.
Joan's a big fan of classic Cloisonne beads as well so we used 3 here along with a red cherry blossom ceramic bead!

Flower Cabochon
Red Cherry Blossom Ceramic Bead
Sakura Flower Cloisonne bead
White with Gold Swirl Cloisonne bead
Peach Round Cloisonne Bead
Glassy Purple Banded Agate Gemstone Bead
Dark Purple Faceted Glass Bead
Maroon Faceted Glass Bead
Oil Lamp Charm
Camera Charm
Money Bag Charm
Book Charm
Binoculars Charm
Carriage Charm
Little Heart on Envelope Charm
Clock Charm
Scroll Charm
Teapot Charm