Friday, July 27, 2012

Deepwoods // the Enchanted series

One of the most vivid images that came to mind when I planned out Enchanted is that of deepwoods,
a scene of being alone in the dense forest at night, experiencing utter silence except for the rustling of leaves & whistling wind.
Blackcurrant & dark silver pearls placed intermittently, coupled with foggy texture sapphire stones and charms,
and a photo pendant featuring a bird perched against misty grunge background to top it off!

Flower Cabochon
Matte Blackcurrant Pearl Bead
Dark Silver Faux Pearl Bead
Smoky Blue Gemstone Doughnut Chinese Crystal
Amethyst Purple AB Chinese Crystal Teardrop
Feather Charm
Cat Charm
Owl Charm
Enchanted Photo Charm


RM 36.00

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this is part 5/5 of the Enchanted series

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