Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Customization: Liyana

Custom made bracelets for Liyana & sister.

Liyana wanted a musical themd charm bracelet, so I dug through all my charms and showed these to her, 
microphone, piano, headphone, quaver & guitar.
She added a Live Laugh Love Charm too, with bright metallic pearls scattered all across.

Metallic Lime Green Pearl Bead
Metallic Turquoise Pearl Bead
Microphone Charm
Headphone Charm
Live Laugh Love Charm
Quaver Charm
Guitar Charm
Piano Charm

For Liyana's sister, just a minimalistic bracelet with favourite details of Swarovski heart crystal, eiffel tower, and a blooming flower attached onto a backing ala Warrior!

Flower Cabochon
Rose AB Swarovski Heart
Eiffel Tower Charm
Thick Floral Backing