Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Personalized Photo Keychain

Happy new year folks!
Key chains are finally available, and the best part is you can customize it with your photos ;)

Back story:
It started as gifts for my 3 cousins, since they are used to receiving bracelets & necklaces already, I wanted to change things up this time round. A keychain with their photos & names sounded perfect, and bonus: keychain is something they can bring to school and show off ;)
We had a fun girly time together choosing photos for the main photo charm, while designing the other smaller one with their names and finished off with them going through my charm boxes picking 1 brass charm each.
A lovely afternoon with lots of girlish giggles ;)

Totally being fair, the boy cousins have it too- with dinosaur charm, but they lost it within a few hours so I didn't manage to take a photo of it. 
Boys. being. boys.


So anyway, back to work, I received a couple of emails asking if I can make keychains, bingo! 
Here are some of them, Christmas gifts & couple sets.

* For privacy reasons, I have pixelated the photos below.
Personal images will never be posted online unless you give me the permission :)

Lovebird themed couple keychains for Ivanna & Ignatius, their names written below the kissing birds.
Pink background for the girl and blue for the guy.

 Another couple set, this one with more charms & beads, made by Nurhanisah.
Hers is pink as well, with a flower cabochon added.

 Photo charms do not necessarily mean faces, feel free to use any favourite image, the choice is yours.
For this friendship set, image used is from Workbook, with names added to it.

Keyring: RM 5
Brass charm: RM 3-5 each 

Flower Cabochon: RM 4-6 each

2 photo charm sizes available
14mm: RM 12 each
20mm: RM 14 each

From the 4th photo charm onwards (in a single order, not a single keychain),
you will receive a discount of RM 3 per photo charm.

1) Attach your photos in the email
I will help you crop it into a circle and resize.
I do not do any image editing, ie recolour, remove background etc.

2) Mention if any beads, flower cabochon, Swarovski heart etc are to be added.

3) Your charm choices
Charms: HERE
Blocks: HERE
Feel free to leave the overall design & arrangement to me :)

Email your request to

I will reply within 24 hours, and once we have finalized the materials etc, I will issue an invoice and strictly no back-out orders, please :)

Will proceed to work on your orders upon receiving full payment.
Photo charms are printed in batches, once every 2 weeks.

  • Photo quality, the best you have :) Basic rule of thumb is the better the image quality, the clearer the photo charm will turn out.
  • Brightly lit photos do better than underexposed ones.
  • If you would like to include more than 1 person in a single photo charm, pick photos where the faces are close together. Having 2 people at 2 ends of the photo will mean I have to crop a large section = your faces may not be clearly seen at all.
  • Be sure your subject (ie the face) is not too near to the sides, cropping circles need extra space at all sides.
  • Or even better, crop it into a circle yourself, then you will be able to determine what details to include and what to leave out of the picture.

Don't worry if the details above confuse you, just send me your image and I'll advice you further :)
As always, the best way to contact me is via email, I hope to hear from you soon!