Thursday, May 30, 2013

Keychain Blocks // Custom Made Keychains with Photos

Having personal photos on custom made keychains have been fun, let's take it up a notch with this cute add-on- blocks!
These blocks are to be looped into the keyring, both for decorative purposes and to act as a stopper.

I have a few designs currently, more will be added as and when I find cute ones ;)

something about having our initials on accessories make it all the more personal, with the alphabets now available in block form, you get to pile on other charms on your keychain without worrying if things will get too messy ;)

Handbag blocks for those of you who hook the keychains onto your handbags.
Add a friends block and turn it into perfect friendship gifts!

Staple shapes of star & heart, all time favourites ;)

These can be added to your keychains for RM 2 each.
Here are a couple of examples I have done:

For Noreen- dino x dolphin!
image sent in by Noreen

 For Belinda & Adrian's new house keys :)
image is from BleuBird (green hot air balloon)

 For Aina & friend
image is from MyLady (By The Lake)

For June's friends
3 blocks on each keyring, and instead of photo charm, she opted for enamelled shoes :)

Keychain Blocks: RM 2 each 

Status: Available

Details on how to customize your keychains can be seen HERE