Monday, August 13, 2012

Double Necklaces // BleuBird Series

Here are the 2 remaining necklaces in this BleuBird series :)
Without any embellishments, just let these whimsical images to the talking! ;)

Sweet Bird
All focus on the BleuBird, with dotted cursive 'sweet' written above it.
* Would you like to change 'sweet' to your name or a favourite phrase instead?
Just top up RM 3 & i'll customize it for you,
perfect gift idea ;)

Vertical Balloon
Another hot air balloon, with vertical stripes instead!

Necklace is long, see the mannequin photo here.

When placing order, do mention if you would like the Sweet Bird or Vertical Balloon necklace,
or both! :P

BleuBird Photo Charm

Necklace Measurement
Chain Length: approx. 79.0cm
Drop: 4.0 cm


RM 29.00 each
+ RM 3.00 for customized wording on Sweet Bird 

Email me at !


this is part 6/7 of the BleuBird series

 click HERE for the introductory post to learn more :)