Monday, August 20, 2012

Customization: Alyaz & Ming Yee

Customized charm bracelets to share between Alyaz & her 2 BFFs.

 Alyaz had her eyes on the LOVE Bar Link as used in this eiffel necklace and asked if it could be incorporated into bracelets instead.
We took a leaf out of these designs and kept it simple by hanging the charms directly off the main chain.

In 3 colours, with each colour having beads of 2 shades in alternating arrangement.

Beads: Light Purple Faux Pearl & Dark Purple Faux Pearl

Beads: Yellow Faux Pearl & Matte Olive Faux Pearl

Beads: Dark Green Faux Pearl & Metallic Turquoise Pearl Bead

In a separate request, Ming Yee customized this blue one for her sister's birthday.
Switched the 'Friends' charm to 'Happy Birthday' ;)

Beads: Metallic Blue Violet Pearl Bead & Metallic Turquoise Pearl Bead

Other Materials
Flower Cabochon
Love Bar Link
Small Clover Charm
Live Laugh Love Charm
Alphabet Charm
Ribbon Charm
Friends / Happy Birthday Charm


Updated on 21/11/12:
For Adleen, in Orange :)