Thursday, August 2, 2012

BleuBird Series

Hello there!
A brand new series coming up, titled BleuBird, featuring this absolutely adorable little bird!

Just like Enchanted, these images are not drawn by me, 
instead they were purchased from digital artists with licence for small businesses.

For all photo charms, images used are high-resolution (DPI of at least 300),
printed on photo paper with a photo printer for best clarity.

Before we start this series, here's a little freebie for everyone :)
I am totally smitten with the bird and decided to make a desktop wallpaper,
feel free to download it for your own use this August!

Sizes Available:

To use as wallpaper, click on the link & save image.
Right click on the image file and choose 'Set as Desktop Background' 

The first part of the BleuBird jewellery will be posted tomorrow, 
stay tuned & here's wishing you a blessed August!