Thursday, February 7, 2013

Butterfly Links // Customization

Grouping these 2 customized orders in a blog post since they have a common factor: butterfly links :)
Interestingly, colours are at opposite ends though, read on!

Rainbow coloured, made even prettier with swarovski crystals :)
Main butterfly piece in the center, while the sides feature the mini version.

Swarovski Bicone colours from left to right
• fuchsia
• siam red
• peach rose
• cutrine yellow
• olivine
• peridot
• indicolite
• dark sapphire
• purple velvet
• light amethyst

 Do bear with the poorly taken photo 
(sorry, never planned to have this up on the blog so it was a quick snap meant just for Sylvia).

This was made a very long time ago, almost forgotten until I went through my photo albums the other day.
A year or two on, I fell more & more in love with it, finding this design to be a fine balance of casual & elegance.

Sylvia chose white beads for hers, but just like Mira's bracelet, I can already imagine the possible colour tweaking we can play with this ;)
Be it a single colour, a mix of shades or combining 2 or more colours, these two designs are very versatile!

Email me at if you would like to create your own colour mix.