Friday, December 30, 2016

Gift to Self

First thought of seeing a gift box charm usually means presents for others, but let's focus on self this time.
The idea behind this piece was that I wanted to create a 'treat-yourself' bracelet, as a 'pat yourself on the back' gift if the year went well or as an encouragement to pick ourselves up and soldier on had the year been bad. Whatever it was, only you know the full story.
As this adorns your wrist, let the shiny rhinestone, gift box, star & dream be visual reminders to keep you focused on your goal, reaching for the stars.
Lastly, sweet sugary pink to sweeten things up!

10mm White Rhinestone Bead
3D Enamelled Gift Box Charm
Blotted Orange Red Round Glass Bead
Light Peach Pink Chinese Crystal Helix
Rose Pink Textured Pearl Bead
Live Your Dream Charm
Star Link

Ready stock sold out, enquire for remakes

RM 28.00

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Happy new year, may 2017 be a blessing to you :)