Saturday, May 29, 2010

Customization: Stella

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I have been pretty busy & couldn't concentrate on updating :(
On a brighter note, I have gotten some newly imported beads that I have yet to find time to rummage through, but that will have to wait till I find a proper storage box, running out of space to store them! (I guess that's the problem every beader encounters!)

Anyway, I'll be working on some new pieces this weekend and hopefully will be able to post them up soon!
In the mean time, enjoy this customized piece by Stella =)

Stella has gone through some tough times and would like a bracelet to mark her new journey in life.
She wanted something that reminds her of her new life so I chose 2 dove charms that signify freedom & the white chrysanthemum is a refreshing change to her past.
Stella also mentioned to go along the line of elegance and purple colour and both of us came up with this design :)

Flower Cabochon (Imported)
Orchid Textured Pearl Bead
Purple Textured Pearl Bead
Matte Dark Purple Pearl Bead
Light Purple Glass Pearl
Purple Glass Pearl
Fresh Water Pearl
Clear Faceted Round Bead
Dove Charm (Imported)
Leaf Charm