Friday, February 18, 2011


Long Necklace

A blend of soft, luxurious colours with triple golden butterflies, finished with a bold heart pendant at the bottom.
4 matte teardrop pearl beads accompanied by rose pink Czech hearts, also of matte coat, a hint of elegance.
In the midst of the chunky cluster hangs a joined heart antique brass charm.
A piece I reckon fits right in place in a fairytale wedding setting ;)

 Matte Teardrop Pearl Bead
Cream Faux Pearl Bead
Matte Pink Czech Glass Bead
Gold Acrylic Butterfly Bead
Purple Round Resin Bead
Lilac Round Acrylic Bead
Matte Light Purple Pearl Bead
Heart Charm
Solid Heart Swirl Pendant

Length: approx. 78.0 cm
Drop: 7.3 cm


RM 36.00

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