Friday, March 4, 2011

Customization: Jyh

For Jyh's friend, who likes charm bracelets.
A double stranded piece like the one made for Debbra, Jyh wanted this to be of classy colours so I chose black, white & silver beads and the peach cabochon for a pop of colour.
Accompanying key charms to go with the 21st birthday theme ;)

For Jyh herself, who hasn't worn a bracelet in a long time...
She decided to try with something that can be worn daily and matches everything, especially for her dress of pink & white.
I went ahead with the theme of Sorella, with a couple more charms (Jyh chose the clover for luck, haha!) and 3 white beads at the other side for an asymmetrical twist.


Received a very happy email from Jyh, hopefully I didn't get her addicted to bracelets! ;)