Friday, September 23, 2011


fun pieces that feature delicious sugary white pearls lined in a row, with a LOVE pendant on the second strand/chain.

see this chain used in the 2nd strand, very fine with tiny bits in its midst that lend to its rustic look.
I chose to use a longer portion of chain for this piece than I usually do, which means the LOVE pendant will dangle a lot lower from the pearls, just as if you are wearing 2 bracelets!

 here comes the twin necklaces :)
Twin necklaces, this is a set of two separate necklaces, both have individual lobster clasps which means you can wear just one and share the other with your girlfriend.
 Flexible & versatile, style it YOUR way! ;)

Layering jewellery has always been fun, how much more with this '2-in-1' piece!  ♥

White Textured Pearl Bead
Necklace Measurement
Pearls Necklace Measurement: approx. 61.0 cm inclusive of pearls.
LOVE Necklace Measurement: approx. 52.3 cm inclusive of LOVE link
 Both necklaces close with individual lobster clasps (so you can wear them individually) and come connected with 4.8 cm extender chain.


Bracelet: RM 27.00
Twin Necklaces: RM 33.00

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