Friday, December 16, 2011


Lotsa cute beads & charms in flirty pink purple ;)
Using a variety of bead shapes, paired with random adorable charms, bright pink purple flower blooming in its midst, this piece is simply as cute as it can get!

  Flower Cabochon
Metallic Pink Faux Pearl Chip
Matte Blackcurrant Pearl Bead
Dark Purple Faux Pearl Bead
Light Pink Faux Pearl Bead
Light Purple Faux Pearl Bead
Plum Faux Pearl Bead
Purple Glass Bicone
Red Wood Cube
Hot Pink Wood Cube
Handbag Charm
Dove Charm
Flower Heart Charm
Treasure Chest Charm
Brass Bird Bead
Flower Charm
Hat Charm

RM 34.00

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