Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Shades of pink for the pink lovers!
I played with colour gradient here, from fuchsia and cherry on the right, it gets lighter with pink, lilac & lavender on the left.
A lovebird charm that is extremely adorable fits just rightly in this sweet bracelet :)

Flower Cabochon
Matte Fuchsia Acrylic Heart
Cherry Red Faux Pearl Bead
Light Pink Faux Pearl Bead
Metallic Lilac Glass Pearl Bead
Lovebird Charm 
RM 27.00

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Monday, November 28, 2011


Had in mind a hailstorm while making this...
Charms used are elements of nature- star connectors and snowflakes in both brass & gunmetal.
An umbrella as a refuge from the storm.
Swarovski Silver Night on left, its black-grey shade complements this bracelet of dark stormy theme just perfectly :)

Silver Night Swarovski Heart
Silver Textured Pearl Bead
Black Textured Pearl Bead
Opal White Chinese Crystal Doughnut Bead
Midnight Blue Chinese Crystal Teardrop (2 sizes)
Midnight Blue Chinese Crystal Doughnut Bead
Silver Aluminum Foil Flower
Silver Chinese Crystal Bicone
Star Links
Snowflake Charm
Gunmetal Snowflake Charm
RM 32.00

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Sunday, November 27, 2011


My yuletide pieces are always about white christmas, so here's one with more traditional colours, minus the ever greens.
White, black & red, dashes of shiny gold, topped with 6 charms, let this piece usher in the holiday mood!
Black Faceted Glass Bead
Black Teardrop Glass Bead
Maroon Textured Pearl Bead
Red Faux Pearl Bead
White Oval Pearl Bead
Shiny Gold Metal Bead
Gold Butterfly Acrylic Bead
Red Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Dove Charm
For You Present Charm
Snowflake Charm
Cookies Bag Charm
Envelope Heart Charm
RM 36.00

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Customization: Amanda // Christmas bracelets

Christmas gifts for Amanda's 3 friends :)

fuchsia purple


light pink

Amanda wanted bright pieces with a fun & girlish theme, coincidentally I had these 3 colours of alphabet beads, perfect for personalized gifts!

Flower Cabochon
Acrylic Alphabet Bead
Textured Pearl Bead
Matte Acrylic Heart Bead
Various Charms


After completing these, Zhi Wei contacted me for a custom made jewellery with a name on it.
I showed him what I could do and he chose the light pink one for a special someone- LILI ;)


on the note of personalization, I need your help friends :)
I plan to bring in alphabet charms and need your (yes you!) input on what letters to stock up more on. 
you can let me know on my Facebook page or if you are shy, drop me an email!
Will reallllyyy appreciate your help, thank you so much

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Entirely in aqua blue & white, following the colours of the long lampwork bead :)
Delightful little blue flower placed midway with a 'made with love' charm dangling off gracefully.
A necklace designed for casual, everyday wear, this piece is great to add much zing to an otherwise plain outfit ;)

Flower Cabochon
Glossy White Oval Glass Bead
Blue Glass Doughnut
Metallic Turquoise Pearl Bead
Aqua Blue Acrylic Flower Bead
Light Blue AB Hexagonal Czech Glass Bead
Cage Charm
Necklace Measurement
 approx. 60.0 cm excluding 4.8 cm extender chain
RM 34.00

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Caught in Time

How often have we found ourselves running against time, wishing there were more than 24 hours in a day?
Here's a piece inspired by the mad rush of everyday life, of us handcuffed by the many pressing deadlines & due-dates...
let this be a visual reminder (a fashionable one!) to take time to breathe & relax, the yellow + white as symbols of refreshment & relaxation.

Or... A tongue-in-cheek gift for a friend who is always late for appointments? ;)

  Flower Cabochon
Yellow with White Spot Agate Gemstone
White Fat Teardrop Pearl Bead
Yellow Wooden Cube
Clock Charm

RM 27.00

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Customization: Lulu

Lulu wanted a long pearl necklace for a wedding dinner she was attending, preferably a white theme piece to match her beige dress.
I decided to make it in the style of Morning Dew- elegant without being over the top ;)
Swarovski pearls in cream & light grey, crystal clear butterfly, brass snowflakes, white sugary textured pearls all linked together in place of a chain, completed with double flower cabochons!

 Flower Cabochon
Clear AB Swarovski Butterfly
Cream Swarovski Pearl
Light Grey Swarovski Pearl
White Textured Pearl Bead
White Fat Teardrop Glass Pearl
Glossy White Faceted Oval Glass Bead
Clear Glass Doughnut
Snowflake Link

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Love Trap

Simple... with a hidden message ;)
Sparkly pink Swarovski matched against gold heart locket, with a cage lurking behind.
Seems to tell a sweet dark tale about this thing called love......

Fuchsia Swarovski Heart Crystal
Raw Brass Heart Locket
Cage Charm
Necklace Measurement
Chain Length: approx. 60.0 cm excluding 4.8 cm extender chain
Drop: 3.1 cm

RM 31.00

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Customization: Jannah

Here are 2 green pieces customized by Jannah, inspired by Leyna's set :)

 Jannah wanted hers to have more green- specifically lime green.
Bits of teal & aqua blue were added for more spice ;)
Flower filigree to match the necklace, surrounded by floral themed charms.

Butterfly Filigree
Matte Green Acrylic Heart
Matte Green Acrylic Teardrop
Lime Green Acrylic Round Bead
Green Glass Bicone
Baby Blue Glass Doughnut
Turquoise Glass Pearl Bead
Blue Faux Pearl Bead
Metallic Lime Green Glass Pearl
Flower Charm
Butterfly Charm

Another Coral Blush piece :)
Exactly the same style as original but this is fresh in green!

Flower Cabochon
Butterfly Filigree
Green Textured Pearl Bead
Metallic Lime Green Glass Pearl
Butterfly Charm

Monday, November 14, 2011

Heartland Series

We girls love flowers & hearts, (indisputable fact!), so this series celebrates that with a psychedelic range of M&M lookalike matte heart beads (yum!), heart frame that is sure to stand out, padlock heart charm to symbolise a bond that is eternally secure, flower for a touch of femininity & all time favourite message charms.

Heartland Bracelet Design

A series that is easily customizable to suit your recipients' colour preferences
 All you need to choose are 3 things (see below), 
while the bracelet chain, heart frame & padlock heart charm are already included in this package.

* bigger pics here: Bead. Flower. Charm
Out of stock heart bead: Light Pink & Dark Green
white & cream flower will be slightly different
► New: Red flower is now available

Since these are made with gifts in mind, I came up with a discount structure that is designed to be budget-friendly :)

buy more save more ;)
especially when postage is at a flat rate and you will be given a gift box for each piece.
Every piece will also be custom adjusted according to wearer's wrist measurement so don't worry about ill-fitting!

note: batch discount only applies to a single order & strictly for the Heartland series only.
eg. buying 3 pieces first round and another 2 more the second round do not qualify for the 5-14pcs price range.

psst... gifts that are given when there isn't a special occasion in sight makes the best surprises
come show your love to your girlfriends :)

questions & orders, please email me at craftedbymei@gmail.com
 thank you!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Violet // added a pink version

edited on 12/11/11
made a pink version as requested by a buyer ;)


In a spurt of randomness, I went through all my bead boxes and grabbed a handful of beads I like, made up of a heart, teardrop, nugget & metallic glass pearl, here's a mishmash of wonderful beads, charms & that lovely purple flower!
Hmm... I should be doing this more often, so fun! :)

Flower Cabochon
Metallic Lilac Glass Pearl Bead
Matte Purple Acrylic Heart Bead
Midnight Blue Chinese Crystal Teardrop
Midnight Blue Chinese Crystal Nugget
Clover Charm


Purple: RM 25.00
Pink: RM 26.00

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