Saturday, August 13, 2011


 Taking a break from my usually more colourful pieces, here's a midight blue + glossy white piece!
A combo that is commonly associated with glam & elegance, I played along with the addition of sparkly chinese crystals.
Center piece is a lovely lampwork, the bead that sparked off the inspiration for this bracelet ;)
Dangling charms & faux pearls in complementing shades to complete it.
Lampwork Glass Bead
Midnight Blue Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Midnight Blue Chinese Crystal Teardrop
Glossy White Faceted Oval Glass Bead
Czech Glass Daisy
Metallic Dark Grey Oval Pearl Bead
Dark Blue Faux Pearl Bead
Light Brown Round Acrylic Bead
Heart Charm
Padlock Charm


RM 29.00

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