Monday, August 8, 2011

Exclusively at Offline

time for another round of Offline talk ;)
(psst... not every update gets mentioned here, so do drop by the store periodically!)

Let's start with these necklaces first...
8 new colours, one each :)
I will not be making these necklaces for a while (or maybe permanently, I don't know, ran out of the pendants) so if you like them, be sure not to miss out on this last batch!

The above flower is also made as rings, one each as well, no remakes.
at the back is my latest butterfly ring design, more butterfly styles for you to choose from now :)

treasure chests overflowing once again, yay!
 35 new charm designs, I hope you have a fun time checking out all 4 of the treasure chests.
again, I placed only 1 each of the charm bracelets in the store ;)

In a nutshell, this round of collection features almost one of a kind pieces, so come by for a visit quick!
see store location HERE.