Tuesday, August 23, 2011


To be honest, as I was finalising this design, I was hugely tempted to introduce some colours to it, you know, a dash of purple or sprinkle of hot pink ;)
As someone who prefers all things colourful, working on monochromatic pieces is a challenge but seeing this now I must say I'm glad I stayed with the original idea in mind! 

The black beads are a kind of stone (proper name not known yet, sorry!) with gray spotted details on it.
Surrounded by white teardrop pearls (I like fat teardrops, haha), metallic silver bicones & glassy white opals, these are specially chosen that they reflect the right amount of light, a crucial point to make black & white pieces pop.
What more with the double angel wings & grey chrysanthemum flower to match, super lovely! :)

Flower Cabochon
White Teardrop Glass Pearl
Silver Chinese Crystal Bicone
Spotted Black Round Obsidian Stone
Opal White Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Angel Wing Charm


RM 30.00

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