Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Dark green glass pearls line the two ends of the bracelet, then lighter shades with olive & fruity green as we move on to the center.
Teal stones, Czech hearts, Emerald Green Chinese Crystals.... Deliciously deep colours matched with a little flower blossoming right in the middle!
Comes with 2 leaf charms, what better charms than these to go with a shades of green bracelet? ;)

  Flower Cabochon
Matte Olive Green Pearl Bead
Dark Green Faux Pearl Bead
Green Textured Pearl Bead
Teal Green Faceted Round Bead
Dark Green Faceted Chinese Crystal Nugget
Dark Green Czech Glass Heart
 Shiny Olive Green Glass Pearl Bead
Sage Green Faux Pearl Chips
Dyed Turquoise Stone Bead
Leaf Charm


RM 31.00

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