Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still Waters

Long ago there was a Green Pastures bracelet, so it's only right that I have a Still Waters one too ;)

Serenity & calmness describe this piece, with glacier chinese crystals as a reflection of pristine clear waters.
In mild colours of quarry blue & white, with an Olive Swarovski heart in the center, let this piece be a visual reminder for our minds- to be still & at rest :)

Flower Cabochon
Olive AB Swarovski Heart
Glacier White Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
White Teardrop Glass Pearl
Quarry Blue Teardrop Glass Pearl 
Matte Quarry Blue Round Pearl Bead
Light Grey Cat's Eye Bead
Little Butterfly Charm
Dove Charm
Round Frame Heart Charm
Bird with Heart Charm
Angel Wing Charm 


RM 38.00

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