Saturday, June 23, 2012

Customization: Farwie

Very cool pieces customized by Farwie again! ;)

Concept is similar to the one she made in 2010, this time getting them for her 2 BFFs (who happen to be family friends she has known since birth!)
Farwie gave me detailed descriptions of the 2 girls, including their fashion styles & favourite things, read on ;)


A very fair skinned girl who likes to stack up on bangles for hippy look.
Basically a trendsetter who looks good in anything she puts on, Farwie decided on a red theme for her.
Charms chosen are all very personal, she's musically talented, likes cats & dolphins and that handbag for the shopping sessions they have always indulged in!

Flower Cabochon
Red Chinese Crystal Helix
Champagne Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Red Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Red Faux Pearl Bead
Light Pink Faux Pearl Bead
White Textured Pearl Bead
Matte Gold Pearl Bead
Blush Pink Round Acrylic Bead
Cat Charm
Piano Charm
Handbag with Movable Handle Charm
Dolphin Charm
Guitar Charm
Oval Brass Floral Link


Happy go lucky girl, fun personality, cute, sweet.... you can definitely picture a very bubbly girl with these descriptions!
Shades of purple as the main colour, with dashes of glacial white, dark blue & sunny yellow adding to the fun.
Bracelet is triple stranded just like the red piece, each layer has its own unique points only visible if you look closely ;)

Flower Cabochon
Glacier White Faceted Oval Chinese Crystal
Dark Blue Faux Pearl Bead
Yellow Faux Pearl Bead
Metallic Blue Violet Glass Pearl Bead
Matte Powder Purple Pearl Bead
Matte Cerise Pink Pearl Bead
Opal White Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Purple Faceted Acrylic Bead
Rose Key Charm
Piano Charm
Eiffel Tower Charm
Snowflake Charm
Oval Brass Floral Link

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