Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Origami Series // Introduction

Hello :) thanks for reading this introductory post of my new series- Origami!

Fancy the art of paper folding? Now it's immortalised in this Crafted By Mei line of photo charm jewellery, blended with the brightest, prettiest colours. Truly it's been a labour of love, I have lost count on the number of hours spent on editing and mixing the colours digitally, I sincerely hope you like them ;)

pictured above are the necklace pendants. Can you identify the images? :)

I settled on a single concept for the Origami series, whereby the beads are all arranged in the same way along with same type of beads, the difference are the photos used and bead colours that are matched to the images.
Each blogpost will consist of a matching bracelet & necklace set, they will be posted here on the blog daily for the rest of this week.

Will be right back with the first set soon ;)