Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Customization: Kit // Sunset, Sunrise bracelets

Back in December last year, Kit dropped me this email, attached with gorgeous sunset & sunrise photos to be used as colour inspiration:

would it be possible to consider creating a concept capturing the colours or various hues of "sunset/sunrise in the horizon" theme? I'm thinking mauve, orange, red, yellow etc. These bracelets serve to remind us of our God-given friendship and that thsunrise/sunset reminds us He is everlasting:) 

After a quick round of discussion, we came up with these-
2 bracelets, meant to be a pair, Sunrise for her bestfriend & Sunset for herself.

Flower Cabochon
Reddish Orange Round Gemstone
Bright Orange AB Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Gold AB Chinese Crystal Oval
Light Peach Faceted Cube Chinese Crystal
Matte Barn Red Acrylic Bead
Light Cream Faux Pearl Bead
Cherry Pink Faux Pearl Bead
Alphabet Charm
Double Quaver Charm
Bear with Flowers Charm
Friends Charm

Flower Cabochon
Bright Orange AB Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Denim Blue Chinese Crystal Oval
Maroon Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Dark Purple AB Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Mauve AB Chinese Crystal Cube
Byzantium Purple Faux Pearl Bead
Small Star Charm
Elephant Heart Charm
Moon Star Charm
Earth Charm