Thursday, November 21, 2013

Customization: Lai Wah

Of yellow & gold, this is for Lai Wah herself, 
Comes with a little dangling hope charm, a sweet reminder of the power of hope as illuminated in the background of brightness & riches-
colours of glory ;)

Flower Cabochon
Citrine Yellow Swarovski Bicone
Bronze Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Matte Gold Acrylic Bead
Matte Yellow Faceted Acrylic Bead
Earth Yellow AB Chinese Crystal Cube
Mini Butterfly Link
Hope Charm

Next up are 3 necklaces for her sisters & niece:
 Necklaces are a combination of all 3 pieces seen here!
Rather fun to incorporate a little something from the whole blogpost and come up with 2 new necklaces :)
Swarovski butterfly on right side of chain.

Flower Cabochon
Swarovski Butterfly
Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Chinese Crystal Teardrop
Acrylic Flower Bead
Lantern Brass Bead
Mini Butterfly Link
Enchanted Photo Charm

 Soaring in blue!

Flower Cabochon
Denim Blue Chinese Crystal Cube
Sparrow Link