Thursday, July 10, 2014

Customization: Ainie // Tough Love Inspired

A design inspired by Tough Love, made cute & colourful with the addition of Elements photo charm :)

First strand: brass beads alternating with Swarovski bicones in dark sapphire & jet black.
Second layer: where the main action is, all charms & photo dangle off this layer
Third: a fine grungy chain drooping much lower from above 2 strands

Charms: Bunny, Just For You, Angel Wing Cut-Out, Snowflake, Friends, Alphabet, Small Clover
Photo Charm: A New Leaf

Charms: Just For You, Friends, Dove, Quaver, Camera, Angel Wing Cut-Out, Alphabet
Photo Charm: Downpour

Charms: Just For You, Angel Wing Cut-Out, Alphabet, Rose Cut-Out, Small Clover, Friends, Floral Heart
Photo Charm: Puddles

thank you Ainie for your purchases! :)