Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Customization: Bavitiraa

I shared a Bavitiraa piece here last year, and boy, that was chunky!
This round, made as gifts, she customized these 2 simpler ones :)

For Shanky

Sahara concept, made demure with light peach pink beads,
& adorned with a Mawar butterfly charm.

Flower Cabochon
Green-Pink Mixed Glass Bead
Light Peach Pink Glass Candy Bead
Mini Butterfly Link
Mawar Butterfly Charm

For Ganeswari

Just a slight colour tweak to Seahorse- light blue instead of the original turquoise.
Bear charm with an 'I Love You' featured in the center.

Flower Cabochon
Bermuda Blue Swarovski Heart
Light Blue Glass Candy Bead
Aquamarine Blue Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Aquamarine Blue Chinese Crystal Doughnut
I Love You Bear Charm