Friday, October 17, 2014

Customization: Christie

Here are 7 pieces of Christie's customizations, we made them over a couple of months,
see if by the end of this blog post whether you agree with me she favours minimalistic style? ;)

Crown ring charm bracelet with 3 black AB bicones.
Inspiration source: Gala

Bracelet Material
Black AB Chinese Crystal Bicone
Crown Ring
Snowflake Charm
Thick Sparrow Charm
HOPE Charm
Long Eiffel Tower Charm

Arrow necklace made at choker length,
+ vitrail medium Swarovski Heart

Necklace Material
Vitrail Medium Swarovski Heart
Arrow Charm

Angel Wing necklace similar to this.
Minimalistic but definitely doesn't skimp on colours- one colour per bead!

Sapphire AB Swarovski Heart
Black Swarovski Bicone
White Alabaster Swarovski Bicone
Dark Sapphire Swarovski Bicone
Fairy Charm
Small Star Charm
Solid Long Angel Wing Charm
Sparrow Link

Matching bracelet to no.3, made in this fashion with two little bows tucked in.

Sapphire AB Swarovski Heart
Midnight Blue Chinese Crystal Teardrop
Sapphire Chinese Crystal Helix
 Round Flat Cross Charm
Solid Long Angel Wing Charm
Rose Key Charm
Small Star Charm
Mini Brass Bow Link

Customized for a friend, nature themed.

Matte Yellow Acrylic Heart
Matte Green Acrylic Heart
Citrine Yellow Swarovski Bicone
Peridot Swarovski Bicone
Thin Leaf Charm
Small Star Charm
3D Birdcage Charm
Thick Sparrow Charm
Mini Pointed Heart Charm
Ornate Leaf Charm

Angel wings with a heart in the center, flanked by mini crosses on the second strand.
Christie calls this her Psalm91 bracelet ;)

Stitched Heart Charm
Angel Wing Cut-Out Charm
Cross Link

Last but not least, locket & key bracelet,
with 5 Swarovski crystals.

Rose Pink Swarovski Bicone
Light Rose Swarovski Bicone
Clear AB Swarovski Bicone
Heart Locket
 Gothic Key Charm

So that's it folks!
Most of the designs are sketched by her (click to see!), as evident by the lightness on embellishments coupled with unique touches of her own.
Working with Christie was a pleasure, and it's definitely not because she sent me a jar of homemade choc chip cookies after receiving her bracelets *wink*