Sunday, March 12, 2017

Pink & Violet // Customization: Suraya

Continuing from yesterday's, here's one more in Pink & Violet!

Took a leaf out of Bluet, but with more charms and more spice!
Rich in beads variety, including Swarovski, chinese crystal, glass and acrylics.
Made for Suraya, as indicated on the custom photo charm, topped with a

Flower Cabochon
Amethyst Swarovski Bicone
Dark Purple Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Fuchsia Pink Candy Glass Bead
Matte Lavender Pink Faceted Acrylic Bead
Light Pink Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Ribbon Stencil Charm
Floral Heart Charm
Princess Crown Charm
Live Laugh Love Charm
Butterfly Charm
Mini Butterfly Link