Saturday, August 12, 2017

Customization: Esther

Here are Esther's bridesmaids pieces-

A necklace for her niece,
isn't that big pink ribbon super cute? ;)
Topped with peach shades Swarovski crystals.

Pink Ribbon Cabochon
Light Peach Swarovski Bicone
Rose Peach Swarovski Bicone
Swirly Heart Pendant

Pink rose bracelets for the rest of her troops.
Regrettably, I didn't take more (& better) photos of these, likely I was on a rush to have them shipped out at that time and could only take one quick shot.
How I wish I have more detailed shots of these sweet pink love-themed bracelets...

Flower Cabochon
Rose Swarovski Bicone
Pale Pink Round Acrylic Bead
Butterfly Charm
LOVE Charm
Small Clover Charm
Ornate Heart Charm
Mini Heart Link
Heart Bead