Saturday, July 4, 2020

Customized photo necklaces

Ever wanted to have your favourite photo in the form of a necklace? 
Or perhaps a gorgeous pattern you have seen that you would like to turn into wearable jewelry?
Or maybe a motivating quote that you want a more visible reminder of? 

Now you can have them in the form of a customized photo charm necklace. 
Send me your images and I'll do the rest :) 

These 10 necklaces were made for Jolene, using the artwork she sent which I then cropped into a circle.

Chain: approx. 60.0 cm (do specify if you prefer a different length)
Photo charm: 2.0 cm

Made to order

RM 23.00 per necklace
4 necklaces & above in a single order: RM 20.00 each

Email me at !


Here are 2 more personalized orders involving customized photo charms- 

(This necklace is from here: Rebirth. Name was added to the original photo)