Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Customization: Eliza

Made for Eliza and her twin sister, early birthday presents for themselves! ;)

Let's start with Eliza's piece first...

Springtime is Eliza's favourite season so she opted for a 'spring sakura cherry blossoms theme'
She also mentioned 'a bracelet that captured the soft elegance of the sakura, with dove, bird cage, home, flower and love charms.'
Plus she's a fan of Swarovski, so we placed a flower pendant right next to the duo-tone chrysanthemum :)

 After completing these, I noticed both sisters like soft pink, the dreamy feel with hearts & flowers ;)

Her sister's bracelet, she likes winter better :)

Eliza made this in secret, casually asking her sister to pick bracelet styles she's fond of.
She concluded it's symmetrical design, with beads & charms dangling off :)
Hers has a light purple Swarovski butterfly, with a couple more Swarovski bicones all over the bracelet.

From Eliza's email:
i have shown the picture to her , she asked whether im planning to buy it for a friend of us, and when i told her it is hers she nearly dropped her jaw and kept saying im playing april fool with her.

 Haha... Thank you!!!