Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shop Talk

Sorry that I haven't been updating this blog regarding new collections at Offline Blogshop, Berjaya Times Square.

This time round, a total of 24 pieces were placed there, mainly new designs that you don't see here ;)
But wait, a sweet verse greets you as you enter through the side entrance.
My table is the first one, closest to this entrance.

I took quick snaps at the store, here are some of the Offline exclusive pieces:

Matinee length necklaces.
This pink one has a cute lil flower dangling mid way down the chain, not seen in photo.

Long necklaces (the ones on the right) that feature a toggle front for fun ;)

My favourite pieces!
I have been reluctant to use last 2 of my precious butterfly Cloisonnes, waiting for the right design to come along and finally got it here, yay! Will not be able to remake these anytime soon...
* Psst... even these 2 bracelets are not 100% alike ;)

This post is just a glimpse of the new pieces available there, be sure to rummage through my table to find your perfect accessory!

Offline Blogshop Store Location:  
1st Floor, at a new location called 1st Avenue,
Times Square East, Berjaya Times Square, KL.

My table: The table furthest away from the cashier, near the side entrance.

Parking: You can go to B2 / B3 (I believe it's the same for B4 & B5), look for the lift next to pillar 44
This lift leads you right to the store.

Since next Tuesday is a public holiday, do take a drive downtown, it's worth the trip ;)