Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Convertible Chain

Introducing the convertible chain...

I have been wanting chunky short necklaces for myself, but for some reason or other I'm quite lazy to make them :(
andddd then, one day I got this idea of using an additional chain to convert any of my bracelets into necklaces in an instant, needless to say I was  r e a l l y  excited, finding myself having so many 'new' necklaces suddenly!

This is what you will be getting:

With just 1 chain, you can transform ANY of Crafted By Mei's bracelets into necklaces, better value for your money!
(not to worry, if the bracelets you purchase are not compatible, I'll change the toggle for you)
All you need to do is hook up both ends of the toggles, and when you want it back as a bracelet, remove the chain, how convenient! ;)

For example: Galaxy bracelet

link up the convertible chain & wear it as a necklace!
Makes your jewellery all the more versatile ;)

RM 8.00

Email me at !

♥ Personally, I find cluster/chunky bracelets to 'transform' better, but then again it's up to your personal style, have fun with it =)