Friday, June 17, 2011


Charms used are (from left) a key, castle, angel wing, present, handmade, little girl & treasure chest.
The present charm is especially cute- it has a 'FOR YOU' tag that dangles along, perfect as a gift!

I'm attracted to bright, bold colours and what is better than a multicoloured bracelet ? ;)
and not to mention, a piece sprinkled with absolutely yummilicious charms!
Hot Pink acrylics, Metallic Turquoises & Shiny Olive Greens, an awesome awesome concoction!

Metallic Turquoise Pearl Bead
Metallic Lime Green Pearl Bead
Hot Pink Acrylic Rose Bead
Turquoise Blue Faux Pearl Bead
Key Charm
Castle Charm
Angel Wing
Present For You Charm
Handmade Charm
Little Girl Charm
Treasure Chest Charm


RM 33.00

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