Friday, April 13, 2012

Customization: Peggy

this was made last year before Christmas, am very much behind schedule with the posting up of customized orders ...

Long necklace for Peggy, who wanted a piece of red, heart & winter, and also for it to be 'hot & sexy' ;)
2 round red beads with rubbery, gummy texture, just like Christmas tree ornaments, and of course, must-have snowflake charms.
Added in sugary white pearls, and dazzlingly shiny Swarovski rivoli ('Christmas lights!').
A couple more little hot pink & midnight blue beads and this is good to go, particularly liking how it dangles down to the puffy heart charm at the end!

Flower Cabochon
Clear AB Swarovski Rivoli
Red Rubbery Acrylic Bead
Red Faux Pearl Bead
Matte Red Oval Faux Pearl Bead
 White Textured Pearl Bead
Glacier White Faceted Oval Chinese Crystal
Hot Pink Acrylic Bead with Silver Lines
Midnight Blue Chinese Crystal Nugget
Midnight Blue Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Snowflake Charm
Puffy Ornate Heart Charm

Referring to the rubbery textured bead, I made a bracelet using cobalt blue ones back in 2010, see it HERE