Friday, May 11, 2012

Customization: Farahdiyanah

Made for Farahdiyanah's 2 friends, birthday presents! :)

For her shopping buddy comes a shopping themed bracelet :)
With reference to the super-charmed one by Ash, this piece has 15 charms, mainly fashion based with a total of 4 footwear ones!
I placed the handbag in the center with flower to emphasize the shopaholic in her, while beads are in funky lime green & yellow ;)

Flower Cabochon
Rose Swarovski Bicone
Lime Green Round Acrylic Bead
Metallic Lime Green Glass Pearl Bead
Round Handbag Charm
High Heel Sandals Charm
Live Laugh Love Charm
Ballerina Flats Charm
Big Clover Charm
Birdhouse Charm
Handbag with Movable Handle Charm
Alphabet Charm
High Heel Pumps Charm
Ribbon Charm
Round Frame Heart Charm
Halter Neck Gown Charm
Flower Charm
Sunglasses Charm
Floral Peep-Toe Heel Charm

Next up, a simpler one for her studying in London friend (see book & globe!)
Number of charms are quite generous as well, but arranged in a way that it didn't look as chunky as the above piece :)
Made with Nadia's overall vibe in mind.

Flower Cabochon
Light Rose AB Swarovski Heart
Plum Faux Pearl Bead
Maroon Purple Faux Pearl Bead
Oval Brass Floral Links
Alphabet Charm
Butterfly Filigree
Book Charm
Envelope Heart Charm
Rotatable Globe Charm
Friends Charm
Small Clover Charm
DSLR Charm
Floral Heart Charm
Rocking Horse Charm