Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lovestruck // the Arrow series

* modelled pic does not have the lucite red flower bead as it was a last minute addition :)

This bracelet is actually the first one drafted as I was preparing this Arrow series.
I vigorously scribbled in my notebook every thought that came to mind, words just flowed during the conceptualizing phase....
Strong colours of red & midnight blue were first chosen, this speaks of passion & strong will.
A scene of intense pursue is played out as the heart links were connected to bright red Swarovski crystals.
and finally, a blooming red flower placed next to the arrow, love truly blossoms!

Flower Cabochon
Siam Red Swarovski Bicone
Dark Red Faux Pearl Bead
Dark Red Gemstone Doughnut Chinese Crystal
Midnight Blue Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Midnight Blue Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Maroon Chinese Crystal Teardrop
Red Lucite Bellflower Bead
Heart Arrow Charm
Round Aztec Pattern Charm


RM 34.00

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